Electric steam boiler

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Rated working pressure0.7Mpa、1.0Mpa、1.25Mpa、1.6Mpa、2.5Mpa
Rated working steam temperature170℃、184℃、194℃、204℃、224℃

Stable and reliable: in the process of obtaining heat from traditional boilers, there are usually greater hidden dangers in the combustion mode, such as fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.; The electric heating steam boiler has the function of abnormal protection of power supply and leakage protection, and when a fault occurs, the equipment will automatically cut off the power supply, and there is no risk or hidden danger.


Model Evaporation capacity Steam temperature Shipping size(m)
WDR0.3-0.7-D 0.3T/H 170℃ 1×1×2.5
WDR0.5-1.25-D 0.5T/H 194℃ 1.1×1.1×2.6
WDR1-1.25-D 1T/H 194℃ 2.5×1.5×1.8
WDR2-1.25-D 2T/H 194℃ 3.1×1.7×2.3
WDR4-1.25-D 4T/H 194℃ 3.3×2.15×2.3
WDR6-1.25-D 6T/H 194℃ 4.3×2.23×2.6
WDR8-1.25-D 8T/H 194℃ 5×2.9×3.1
WDR10-1.25-D 10T/H 194℃ 5.3×2.9×3.1
WDR20-1.6-D 20T/H 204℃ 6×2.3×3.2


  • 1Durable and environmentally friendly: electric energy is a green product, which does not emit any harmful gases during use, no smoke, no odor, no ash residue, which can not only reduce the later failure, but also avoid many pollution problems and achieve environmental protection.
  • 2Low maintenance cost: electric heating steam boiler has no complex combustion system, exhaust chimney, pollution control equipment, heat recovery device, not to mention regular cleaning, only need to complete automatic sewage discharge after each use, and it is relatively simple in terms of maintenance.

Our products be used in many kinds of different field, such as food industry, feed processing industries, beer industries, hotels, school, government, apartment, chemical industries, commerical plaza, troops, hospital, rubber, wood processing industries, bath center, swimming pool, paper industries, community, villa, greenhouse industries, etc