Biomass fired heat transfer oil furnace

  • Heat power

    300,000 Kcal - 60,000,000 Kcal

  • Fuel

    Coal / Wood / Other biomass fuel

  • Max.outlet oil temperature


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Heat power300,000Kcal-60,000,000Kcal
FuelCoal/wood/other biomass fuel
Max.outlet oil temperature350℃

In the oil and fat industry, heat conduction oil furnaces are mainly used for oil decomposition, fatty acid distillation, lipidization, nitrification, hydrogenation reaction, concentration, vacuum deodorization and other device heating.

In the synthetic fiber industry, heat transfer oil furnaces are mainly used for heating, polymerization, melting, spinning, thermosetting, fiber finishing, extension and drying equipment.

In the plastic and rubber industry, it is mainly used for hot pressing, heat rolling, extrusion, kneading, mixing, vulcanization molding, jet injection molding machine, glue mixer, conveyor belt dryer, screw extruder and mold heating and heat preservation.

In the paper industry, it is mainly used for the heating of coated pulp rollers, drying rollers, drying rooms, drying cabinets, hot melt machines, molten wax pots and corrugated paper processing.

In the air conditioning and electrical equipment industry, it is mainly used for centralized or decentralized heating in factories, offices, hospitals, civil buildings, and hotels; Heating of polishing machines, plate rolling mills, vacuum machines, dryers, drying chambers, vacuum chambers in the electrical equipment manufacturing industry.

In the fat and paint industry, it is mainly used for autoclave, dryer, distillation irrigation, evaporation equipment, paint drying, baking, drying and high temperature curing heating.

In the metallurgy, machining and casting industries, heat conduction oil furnaces are mainly used for metal degreasing tanks, dewar tanks, pickling tanks, cleaning tanks, electroplating tanks, Lvyang plate oxidation tanks, electrode manufacturing, shower heat treatment devices, phosphate treatment equipment, baking machine rooms, sand core drying, varnish spraying and drying, and heating of assembly treatment devices.

In the food industry, it is mainly used for bread baking equipment, biscuit food baking equipment, candy production equipment, grain drying equipment, edible oil pressing and refining equipment, distillation pot, autoclave, conveyor dryer heating.


Model Heat power Max. Outlet oil temp. Shipping size(m)
YGL-120MA 120KW 350℃ 1.22×1.14×2.55
YGL-240MA 240KW 350℃ 1.7×11.51×3.1
YGL-350MA 350KW 350℃ 1.87×1.68×3.35
YGL-500MA 500KW 350℃ 2.1×1.9×3.66
YGL-700MA 700KW 350℃ 2.27×2.1×3.84
YGL-1000MA 1000KW 350℃ 2.9×2.5×4.78
YGL-1200MA 1200KW 350℃ 2.9×2.5×5.13
YGL-1400MA 1400KW 350℃ 3.0×2.9×5.4
Automatic feed
YLW-1400MA 1400KW 350℃ 4.7×2.0×3
YLW-1900MA 1900KW 350℃ 4.7×2.0×3
YLW-2100MA 2100KW 350℃ 5.4×2.4×3.5
YLW-2400MA 2400KW 350℃ 5.4×2.4×3.5
YLW-3500MA 3500KW 350℃ 6.2×2.95×3.35
YLW-4200MA 4200KW 350℃ 6.2×2.95×3.35
YLW-6000MA 6000KW 350℃ 7.8×2.85×3.65
YLW-7000MA 7000KW 350℃ 7.8×2.85×3.65


  • 1High output heat, high outlet temperature and low pressure.
  • 2Under the same outlet temperature conditions, the cost of heat transfer oil boiler is low.
  • 3The heat transfer oil boiler has few auxiliary machines and a small footprint, which is suitable for general small manufacturers.
  • 4Generally, wood factories, floor factories, and furniture factories use this kind of boiler.


  • wood industry

    it is mainly used for hot pressing of fiberboard, particle board, laminate, plywood, veneer and heating of wood drying equipment, drying equipment, coating equipment and gluing machines.

  • building materials industry

    it is mainly used for gypsum board drying, concrete component solidification protection and prefabrication production, tile molding, decorative material drying and linoleum production line heating.

  • road construction projects

    it is mainly used for asphalt heating, dissolution, asphalt silage tank, asphalt concrete and emulsified asphalt heating and insulation.

  • textile printing and dyeing industry

    it is mainly used for heating drying and setting devices, hot melt dyeing devices, dyeing and printing devices, dryers, dryers, calenders, flatteners, washing machines, rolling mills, ironing machines, hot air stwelfare, etc.

  • automobile industry

    it is mainly used for the heating of tunnel drying rooms, skimming baths and phosphoric acid treatment equipment.

  • coking industry

    it is mainly used for heating and heat preservation of gas storage tanks, mixing stations and distribution stations.

  • national defense scientific research

    it is mainly used for high-temperature heat sources required for the development of new technologies, new materials and new products in national defense scientific research.

  • carbon industry

    it is mainly used for graphite electrodes, carbon products, asphalt melting, kneading pot heating, extrusion heating.

  • maritime industry

    it is mainly used for heavy oil tanks, asphalt tanks, sulfur tanks on ships and containers that need to be heated and insulated.