Hot air stove

  • Heat power


  • Fuel

    Coal/wood/light oil/heavy oil/nature gas etc

  • Outlet hot air temperature


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Heat power300,000Kcal-60,000,000Kcal
FuelCoal/wood/light oil/heavy oil/nature gas etc
Outlet temperature150-500℃

The product is used in greenhouses, flowers, drying room,plant heating, product drying, food processing, pig and chicken house heating and other places that require heating.


Model Rated heat supply Outlet hot air temp. Shipping size(m)
LRF-10 100,000Kcal 150-500℃ 1.0×2.1
LRF-20 200,000Kcal 150-500℃ 1.26×2.45
LRF-30 300,000Kcal 150-500℃ 1.37×2.62
LRF-40 400,000Kcal 150-500℃ 1.84×3.75
LRF-60 600,000Kcal 150-500℃ 1.95×3.95
LRF-80 800,000Kcal 150-500℃ 2.06×4.35
LRF-100 1,000,000Kcal 150-500℃ 2.25×4.45
LRF-120 1,200,000Kcal 150-500℃ 2.4×5.4
WRF-160 1,600,000Kcal 150-500℃ 4.55×3.6×4.5
WRF-200 2,000,000Kcal 150-500℃ 5.25×3.6×4.8


  • 1Direct type high purification fuel gas hot blast furnace It is the use of fuel direct combustion, after high purification treatment to form hot air, and direct contact with the material heating drying or baking.
  • 2Fuel gas hot blast furnace is pressure-free, smokeless, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • 3The fuel gas hot blast furnace is simple to operate and is automatically controlled by microcomputer.
  • 4The hot air sent by the fuel gas hot blast furnace is pure air without any pollution.
  • 5 Simple structure
  • 6The fuel is directly burned to form hot air, which is in direct contact with the material.
  • 7Wide range of uses


  • wood industry

    it is mainly used for hot pressing of fiberboard, particle board, laminate, plywood, veneer and heating of wood drying equipment, drying equipment, coating equipment and gluing machines.

  • building materials industry

    it is mainly used for gypsum board drying, concrete component solidification protection and prefabrication production, tile molding, decorative material drying and linoleum production line heating.

  • road construction projects

    it is mainly used for asphalt heating, dissolution, asphalt silage tank, asphalt concrete and emulsified asphalt heating and insulation.

  • textile printing and dyeing industry

    it is mainly used for heating drying and setting devices, hot melt dyeing devices, dyeing and printing devices, dryers, dryers, calenders, flatteners, washing machines, rolling mills, ironing machines, hot air stwelfare, etc.

  • automobile industry

    it is mainly used for the heating of tunnel drying rooms, skimming baths and phosphoric acid treatment equipment.

  • coking industry

    it is mainly used for heating and heat preservation of gas storage tanks, mixing stations and distribution stations.

  • national defense scientific research

    it is mainly used for high-temperature heat sources required for the development of new technologies, new materials and new products in national defense scientific research.

  • carbon industry

    it is mainly used for graphite electrodes, carbon products, asphalt melting, kneading pot heating, extrusion heating.

  • maritime industry

    it is mainly used for heavy oil tanks, asphalt tanks, sulfur tanks on ships and containers that need to be heated and insulated.