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What is the difference between coal-fired boiler and biomass boiler

Time: 31 Mar 2023

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What is the biomass pellet fuel boiler model? Biomass boiler and coal-fired boiler use. Biomass boiler is another environmentally friendly boiler in addition to gas boiler, which uses renewable biomass energy as fuel to produce steam, water, etc. for industrial production, heating and other fields. , so what is the difference between the two, here is a presentation for you.
First, biomass pellet fuel boiler model
Biomass boiler is known for environmental protection, its fuel types are also rich, energy-saving and environmental protection boiler according to different boiler structure, applicable fuel methods and feeding methods are different, boiler models are mainly DZH, DZL, SZL, etc., the project manager will choose the right boiler model and furnace type for you according to your actual use and needs.

1.SZL: Classic biomass boiler products, which are a furnace type with large export volume, wide application fields and popular with users.

2.DZL: This series of biomass boilers can burn both coal and biomass, and the fuel selection is flexible.

3.DZH: Manually loaded biomass boilers are mainly less than 6 tons, and most of them are used by small and medium-sized enterprises.
Second, biomass boilers are different from coal-fired boilers

1.Environmental protection effect, the essential difference between biomass pellet combustion boiler and coal-fired boiler is whether it is an environmental protection boiler.

2.Boiler structure, the difference in the structure of the two boilers is mainly reflected in the furnace structure and the furnace arch, which are specially designed for the different characteristics of the two fuels.
3, fuel difference, biomass fuel boiler can burn both coal and biomass energy, while coal-fired boiler is only coal-fired boiler. Two kinds of boilers are quickly installed, and the boiler delivery and installation are simple and easy to operate
The above introduces the biomass boiler model and the difference with the coal-fired boiler, when the user chooses the boiler, not only to consider the environmental protection requirements, but also to measure the boiler operating cost, choose the boiler suitable for themselves. Biomass boiler has a long service life, daily maintenance is very important, users should use the furnace reasonably, regular maintenance, to ensure the stability of boiler operation, practicality, and ensure production.