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Repair and maintenance of gas steam boilers

Time: 26 Mar 2023

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First, the maintenance method

  1. The feed water temperature should be as close as possible to the furnace body temperature, preferably above 20 °C.

  2. The feed water of the boiler must be qualified, which is an important matter to extend the life of the boiler and operate safely.

  3. It is necessary to carry out sewage discharge operations regularly, at least once a day (per shift), and check whether the sewage valve has leakage due to the influence of dirt after sewage discharge; If so, it must be excluded.

  4. The low-water level cut-off device must be regularly inspected, maintained and cleaned. The Royal Feast Steam Cooker reminds the water level controller to clean at least once a month, and the water level meter to rinse at least once a day. The water level meter flushing should be at the high water level; The water level after rinsing should not be lower than low safety water level, if one flush is not clean, it can be rinsed many times, but it must be flushed at high water level.

  5. After the ash accumulation of the smoke pipe, it will lead to an increase in the exhaust gas temperature, so that the efficiency of the boiler is reduced, and the consumption of fuel is increased, so the front and rear door covers should be opened regularly to brush or blow off the ash accumulation in the smoke pipe.

  6. When the furnace is stopped without maintaining the steam pressure, the boiler steam space will produce negative pressure and trap the air, so the main steam valve should be opened first when the fire is raised again for combustion.

  Second, stop maintenance and anti-corrosion

  1. After the energy-saving steam furnace is stopped, it must be maintained to prevent corrosion in the pot.

  2. Long-term maintenance. Dry maintenance method can be used, that is, after stopping the furnace, the furnace water is discharged, the lower hand hole is opened, the water in the pot is dried, and the desiccant is put in through the lower hand hole, and it should be replaced regularly, and it can be checked and replaced every month at the beginning, and once every three months thereafter. However, it should be noted that before the boiler is started, all desiccant must be removed.

  3. Short-term maintenance. Wet maintenance can be used; That is, after stopping the furnace, fill the furnace water and exhaust all the air.

  3. Monitoring and maintenance

  1. The operation personnel fill in the records in time according to the inspection situation.

  2. The project cycle of inspection, test and regular operation of boiler equipment shall be specifically stipulated and loaded into the site in the form of icons.

  3. During the operation of the boiler, the equipment is inspected every 1 hour, focusing on checking the operation of the boiler safety components and rotating equipment.

4. The site must be kept clean frequently, so that there is no debris, no dust, no water, and no grease.