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Common steam boiler over-pressure accident handling methods

Time: 26 Mar 2023

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1. The phenomenon of over-pressure of steam boiler

(1) The steam pressure rises sharply, the pressure is still rising after the operation of the “red line” safety valve of the pressure gauge pointer over the permitted working pressure.

(2) When the pressure interlock protection device is in action, a pressure alarm signal should be issued to stop air supply, induced air, and coal feeding.

(3) The steam temperature increases and the steam flow decreases.

2. Treatment of steam boiler over-pressure

(1)) Quickly reduce combustion and manually open the safety valve or bleed valve.

(2) Pressurize the feed water, and at the same time strengthen the blow-down in the lower steam drum (at this time, attention should be paid to maintaining the normal water level of the boiler) to reduce the temperature of the boiler water, thereby reducing the boiler steam drum pressure.

(3) If the safety valve fails or the pressure gauge is damaged, the furnace should be stopped urgently, and the pressure should be boosted after the safety valve and pressure gauge are repaired.

(4) When the steam boiler is over-pressurized and endangers the safe operation, pressure reduction measures should be taken, but it is strictly forbidden to reduce the pressure too fast.

(5) After the serious over-pressure of the steam boiler is eliminated, the internal and external inspection of the steam boiler should be carried out, the deformation, leakage, etc. caused by the pressure should be eliminated, and the unqualified safety accessories should be repaired.