Oil gas fired hot water boiler

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Fuel gas hot water boiler with oil and gas as fuel, through the burner to heat the water, to achieve heating and provide hot water for life and bathing, the boiler has a high degree of intelligence, fast heating, low noise, no dust, is a very suitable for national conditions of economic hot selling boiler varieties.


Model Back water temp. Outlet water temp. Shipping size(m)
CWNS0.3-85/60-YQ 65℃ 90℃ 2.46×1.16×1.5
CWNS0.5-85/60-YQ 65℃ 90℃ 3.2×2.36×2.6
CWNS1-85/60-YQ 65℃ 90℃ 3.9×1.87×2.1
CWNS2-85/60-YQ 65℃ 90℃ 4.1×1.9×2.2
CWNS4-85/60-YQ 65℃ 90℃ 4.87×2.15×2.64
CWNS6-85/60-YQ 65℃ 90℃ 5.32×2.23×2.63
CWNS8-85/60-YQ 65℃ 90℃ 6.01×2.9×3.27
CWNS10-85/60-YQ 65℃ 90℃ 6.86×2.9×3.27
CWNS20-85/60-YQ 65℃ 90℃ 9.3×2.3×3.84


  • 1The gas hot water boiler has the remarkable characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, safety and fully automatic operation, and it is very convenient to use.
  • 2The gas hot water boiler adopts hot water circulating pump automatic circulation boiler and hot water in the heating pipeline to achieve the purpose of heating, or heat the hot water of the insulation tank to achieve the bathing requirements.